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Why Our Lawyers Know So Much About The Insurance Companies

In the vast majority of personal injury cases, the parties reach a settlement and do not go to trial. Settlements are the culmination of months — sometimes years — of strategy, investigation and negotiation.

Throughout the process, each side speculates about the opposition’s tactics and strategy.

How valuable would it be in personal injury cases to know what the other side is thinking? How important would be to know what their next move was going to be?

It would be extremely valuable, because in any negotiation, knowledge and information are power.

It Is Like Having The Other Team’s Playbook

At Falzone & Wyler LLC, attorneys Raymond John Falzone Jr. and Thomas E. Wyler know what the other side is going to do because they have years of experience defending claims for insurance companies.

How does this help you? In depositions, for example, we know what the insurance companies want to achieve. Prepped with that knowledge, our clients know what questions will be asked. There are no surprises.

Ultimately, our knowledge of the opponent strengthens your legal position.

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