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Do You Have A Power Of Attorney?

In every person’s life, there comes a time when he or she needs help making important decisions about finances, medical care and other issues. When that day arrives, it is important to have plans and documentation in place.

Regardless of your age, now is a good time to consider which people you want making decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot make them for yourself. You have the ability to give those people legal decision-making authority through a power of attorney.

Powers Of Attorney Can Serve Many Purposes

A power of attorney is a signed document that designates a trusted individual as your agent. You give that person full authority to make decisions regarding the matters outlined in the power of attorney. The authority granted by the power of attorney can be as narrow or broad as you choose.

At Falzone & Wyler LLC in Media, Pennsylvania, our lawyers can help you establish powers of attorney for any need. We work with you to identify the decisions you currently make or may be called upon to make in the future. We can advise you on strategies for determining what type and how much authority should be given to which people. When the individuals have been identified, we will prepare the proper documents.

We have established powers of attorney for all types of decisions, including the following:

  • Medical power of attorney for end-of-life decisions if you do not have a living will
  • Medical power of attorney for health care decisions in nonfatal situations
  • Durable power of attorney for finances
  • Durable power of attorney for property
  • Durable power of attorney for care of your children
  • Special power of attorney for real estate and other property sales
  • Special power of attorney for bank transactions
  • Limited power of attorney for stock and retirement account transactions
  • Limited power of attorney for business transactions and decisions

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