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Providing Certainty Through The Creation Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements can impact the estate. For that reason, it is necessary to put together a prenuptial agreement that meets the short- and long-term financial goals for you and your family.

The attorneys at Falzone & Wyler LLC, in Media, can assist you with all of your estate planning needs. Since 1977, we have created documentation to best meet the needs of Pennsylvania individuals, families and businesses. We help clients throughout Delaware County meet their financial goals.

How A Prenuptial Agreement Can Help You

A prenuptial agreement does more than simply protect you in the event of a divorce or separation. Such an agreement can:

  • Protect the assets of both spouses
  • Outline a strategy concerning the distribution of assets and finances in the event of a divorce or separation that minimizes taxes and expenses
  • Set the terms for providing care for your children and loved ones should unexpected circumstances arise

Notably, a prenuptial agreement is essential for determining how to take care of your heirs. If you have children from a prior marriage, you will wish to make sure they inherit those assets you want to bequest. Without a written and legally binding agreement, this may not occur.

Helping Families Work Together During The Toughest Of Circumstances

A well-worded prenuptial agreement helps couples plan in advance concerning the finances, assets, education and care of their children. In the event of a divorce, it can help prevent families from tearing each other apart. It can help both spouses put the needs of their children first.

However, a prenuptial agreement also provides benefits for couples who stay together. By creating a prenuptial agreement, spouses enter a marriage with clear expectations of each other. It puts into writing each spouse’s commitment to making the marriage work.

Putting Your Needs First

The lawyers at our firm will create a prenuptial agreement with your needs and wishes into account. We will speak to you in a one-on-one free initial consultation. With attention to detail, we will create a prenuptial agreement designed to eliminate contentiousness and put your family’s needs first. To contact Falzone & Wyler LLC, call us at 610-726-1634 or send us an email.