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From tigersfour: Disclaimer

Mr. Falzone provided important legal guidance in administrating the estate of a family member. His professionalism and expertise in this matter made an otherwise complicated issue manageable.

tigersfour hired Raymond John Falzone

From eojttap2: Disclaimer

I have know a number of lawyers through the years. Ray Falzone is one of the most honorable gentleman I have ever met in or out of the law profession. I met Raymond Falzone in 1986 shortly after my husband passed away. As I reflect on our first meeting, the word that comes to mind is “trust”. Since then I have had occasion to ask Ray’s expertise on a number of ventures. Most notably were five real estate transactions. Also a number of personal issues such as a premarital agreement before my second marriage, wills for both my husband and myself, power-of- attorney agreements, and most recently a personal injury case. I have recommended Raymond to a number of friends throughout the years with full confidence that they will be treated fairly and with respect.

eojttap2 hired Raymond John Falzone

From peter g: Disclaimer

Ray Falzone’s professionalism transcends his expertise in his chosen field of law, and those specific areas of expertise for which he is known. Ray is assertive without being abrasive. Clients know at once that his commitment to them encompasses competency, expertise and dedication to include integrity and compassion. He works for his clients and delivers his best effort. He acquits himself with distinction and raises the bar in a profession in need of heroes. I recommend him without reservation.

Legal Issue: Estate Planning peter g hired Raymond John Falzone

From charlie chin: Disclaimer

I have known Mr. Falzone for forty plus years and on various occasions he has provided me with the professional consultation and assistance to handle the various legal issues which confront all of us from time to time. What separates Mr. Falzone from other lawyers that I have worked with over the years is that he always takes that extra step to make sure that his client is fully knowledgeable of the situation, examines all possible alternatives and finally, makes the correct decision for all parties involved. It goes without saying that I highly recommend Mr. Falzone for any legal matter.

Legal Issue: Personal Injury — Plaintiff charlie chin hired Raymond John Falzone

From kk1249: Disclaimer

Ray did a great job representing our family in this case. He was professional and patient and reached a settlement that was fair for both parties.

Legal Issue: Personal Injury — Plaintiff kk1249 hired Raymond John Falzone

From kathy trumpexec: Disclaimer

Mr. Falzone did an incredible job working on my Aunt’s estate. He was her attorney for some time and was familiar with her. He was a great help to me, the executor. I reside on the west coast so I was not able to be there to work with him in person. Mr. Falzone was always available via email or phone. His staff is “on the ball” and was very helpful. The entire family is very appreciative of the work that Mr. Falzone did. He was always very pleasant on a professional and personal basis. I can’t recommend any attorney more so than Mr. Falzone.

Legal Issue: Probate & Estate Administration — kathy trumpexec hired Raymond John Falzone