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How pedestrians can be safe on Halloween night

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Personal Injury |


Halloween is a delight for kids of all ages. For little ones, the excitement of donning a costume and walking through the neighborhood to get candy is an experience like no other.  For adults, transforming themselves and going to a costume party is probably as much fun as a grown-up can have all year.

Why safety is important for pedestrians on Halloween

With all the excitement that comes with Halloween, there are some hazards to be aware of. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that pedestrian accidents tend to increase on Halloween night. Indeed, there are far more people on the streets that evening, and there may also be more people who may be intoxicated on the streets.

Because of this, there are several safety tips that pedestrians should follow. 

Be aware of your surroundings – Because more pedestrian traffic will be out after the sun goes down, it is important for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings. For pedestrians in particular, it is important to stay focused on watching traffic and not be distracted by incoming texts, Snapchat shares and Facebook updates.

Be bright – It is amazing how difficult it is to see pedestrians in the dark. Because of this, trick-or-treaters, especially younger children, should make sure to have glow sticks, carry flashlights or even have LED lights so that they may be seen.

Cross at crosswalks – Crossing at crosswalks benefits pedestrians in two ways. First, they offer a safe place to cross a busy intersection. Crossing such an intersection at night is especially dangerous, so having traffic stop is an important consideration. Second, crosswalks offer pedestrians legal protection should they be involved in an accident. Essentially, cars are supposed yield to pedestrians, especially when they are in a marked crosswalk.

Why a personal injury attorney is helpful against insurance companies

While the preceding may be viewed as good common sense, they are also important in the event an injured pedestrian seeks money damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Insurance companies are intent on showing that an injured pedestrian contributed to his or her injuries, which could justify a reduction or potential denial of money damages.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help in gathering pertinent information to counter an insurer’s defenses and protect the rights of the injured. If you have questions  about pedestrian injuries, we invite you to contact us.

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