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Who may perform a consultative examination on you?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

Providing strong evidence to the Social Security Administration could make the difference when you apply for disability benefits. If the SSA is not convinced you have a qualifying disability, you will need to take extra steps to make your case, such as going through a consultative examination.

The medical source that will conduct your CE will depend upon different factors such as your preference and the ability of the provider. Here is a look at who might examine you.

Your preferred provider

If the evidence from your current medical source is not enough to prove your disability, do not take it as a rejection of your preferred provider. The SSA may allow your provider to perform the CE on you. In fact, the agency generally prefers that applicants go back to their preferred medical source.

You also should not have to worry about paying for the CE. The SSA will supply the fee for you to undergo the CE.

An independent provider

There are some instances when the SSA will have another medical provider carry out the CE. Your doctor might lack the equipment to perform the test or cannot conduct it due to regulations. Your provider could also refuse to do the test. Additionally, the SSA may find your doctor cannot correct conflicts in your existing evidence.

However, you might choose to go to another medical source. As long as you have good reason to do so, Social Security may allow it.

The results of a CE may be enough to support your application and secure your benefits. Still, if you want to minimize additional steps to convince Social Security of your disability, consider how to provide quality medical evidence from the outset.