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Rush hour is a dangerous time on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even when you do your best to avoid rush hour traffic, this isn’t always possible. This is particularly true if your commute takes you in close proximity to Philadelphia or another major city.

Rush hour is one of the most dangerous times on the road, so it’s imperative to adjust your driving style with safety in mind. Here are five things you should do:

  • Stay in your lane: Don’t be one of those drivers who is always switching lanes in an attempt to save a few minutes. Stay where you are until it’s time to exit. Not only does this help prevent an accident, but it also reduces your stress level.
  • Leave more time to reach your destination: For example, if you know rush hour traffic is bad in the morning, leave a few minutes early. When you’re not in a hurry, you won’t take risks in an attempt to make better time.
  • Don’t become distracted: It’s easy to lose focus in slow moving traffic, such a by scanning radio stations, talking to passengers and checking your email. Any distraction increases the risk of an accident.
  • Check your route: It’s likely that there’s more than one route to your destination. Even if the mileage is longer or it takes you a few more minutes to reach your destination, if you’re able to avoid heavy congestion, it may be worth it.
  • Leave a greater following distance: In stop and go traffic, leaving a greater following distance is a must. This gives you more time to stop your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Driving in rush hour traffic is never fun, but it may be a big part of your day. By following these tips, you’ll feel better about your ability to avoid an on-the-road incident.

If you’re injured in a rush hour accident, move out of traffic and call 911. Stay in your vehicle until help arrives, as getting out increases the risk of being struck by another vehicle.

Once you receive treatment, contact your insurance agent and learn more about your legal rights for obtaining compensation from the negligent party. It’s important to stand up for yourself during this difficult time of your life.

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